No users online.
wassup mang?
Da server boomin
all should be fixed.
lobby is 1.10.2 and survival is 1.11 so i cant log in to the main
Ayyy I log onto enjin for funsies and whattya know. Stuff's bootin' up!
anyone who is reading this who has a rank, please come online to have it restored.
good catch, Tony
Whenever I click vote, it takes me to the website, but it doesn't take me to the blockjunkies server, it just takes me to a list of servers.
its glitched
the lobby where you have to go /server main
it kicked my friend too and now he cant get on
i found the problem its the lobby
i sent you a message on this website
i spawn in the world where yiu have to go /server main
i have tried using the original minecraft client but it doesnt work, i am glitched out in that world, maby re-setting me would work, i dont mined
try not using a hacked client? I don't know.
dat drama