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wassup mang?
Damn, no comments on the size ov my RAM?
someone told me you had a ginormus sumpin, I really didnt want to look
I have a ginormous zip file of all the servers though so that's the bright side.
Just to clarify, the new hosting company is completely full of shit and blaming downtime on things that don't exist. Right now I can't even connect to a server to update it so I may be hosting this shit in my house.
Prob be in bed by 9
home alone, sippin Parone and chasing it down wit Miller high life, all is good in the world
Happy New Years, whosever you is
ZnH is still a fag
Merry christmas to you too
jus thought Id give out a Merry Christmas to all and I hope all the junkies are having a good time
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